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Martha Alderson’s long-term goal for this blog and her school visits is to expand students’ understanding of California History. Her desire is to bring Commodore Stockton’s name recognition to the same level as John C. Fremont.

Stockton took part in nearly every major historical event during his lifetime = War of 1812, Algerian War, founding of Liberia, Raritan and Camden Canal, the first screw-propelled battleship for the US Navy, the Conquest of California, The Peace Conference. For California students, he provides the most exciting part of the California Conquest.

I love any opportunity to share my passion about this great American patriot.

School Visits Include…

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> 4th & 5th GRADE

What happened after the Bear Flag Revolt in California? Historic pictures bring 1846 California alive to show the final conquest. Achieve U.S. History content standards. 


> 6th – 8th GRADES

U.S. History as seen through the eyes of a famous American patriot — Commodore Robert Field Stockton.  Achieve U.S. History content standards.



>Reading and Writing Plot Workshops for Kids

All Grade Levels

>Teacher Plot Inservice

All grade levels


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“Martha Stockton Alderson made Commodore Robert Stockton more than just a name to me as well as to my students. After her presentation we felt as if we knew him — his dreams, his shortcomings, his successes.” Gayle Watkins, Program Specialist Commodore Stockton Skill School


“I found the background information on Robert Stockton helpful. I took forward to your book on Robert Stockton both for the historical value and its connection to the namesake. Thank you!” 6th Grade Teacher


“I was very impressed with Martha Alderson’s ability to engage a roomful of 120 2nd graders in creating and constructing a story from scratch. The management and engagement strategies she uses were very effective.” Stockton Unified School District Elementary Counselor


“Martha Alderson was a California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners nominee for her outstanding contribution in developing and providing annual Young Writers Workshops for children and youth of the Santa Clara County Children’s Shelter.” California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners


“The astonished look of accomplishment on the kids’ faces is a wonderful testament of your gift to teach. We are forever grateful for the time you shared and are anxiously awaiting your next visit. The Children’s Shelter is a temporary placemnt facility for abused, neglected, and d abandoned children. Thanks gain for making a difference in the lives of our children.” Mark Forrest, Recreation Director


“Amazing revelations of intuitive knowledge. Very useful to schools and libraries. Excellent!” California School Library Association Conference


“Great! All of it!” Santa Cruz County Reading Association, Grades K – 5


“Excellent! Helps to break down the mystery of how good books form.” Asilomar Regional Reading Conference, Grade 6

School Visits

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school visit

School Visits — Martha Stockton Alderson, M.A. is available to help teachers and students achieve history content standards AND writing and reading content standards.

Her talks about Commodore Robert Field Stockton and his part in the transfer of California from the hands of the Mexican government to the United States helps satisfy California Content Standards that require every student to study the economic, social, and political life in California from the establishment of the Bear Flag Republic through the Mexican-American War.

As a Californian descendent of Robert Stockton, she has been granted access to stories about the man who came from a long-line of patriots in New Jersey and influenced nearly every major historical event in our country’s history during his lifetime.

Martha is an international plot and story consultant. Her clients include best-selling authors, writing teachers and fiction editors. She created a unique line of plot tools for readers and writers, including BLOCKBUSTER PLOTS Scene Tracker Kit, and the Plot Planner DVDs. She teaches plot workshops privately, through Writers Store, Learning Annex and writing conferences. Visit her website at: www.blockbusterplots.com

Long before working with adult writers, Martha worked with children with speech, language, and learning disabilities. She finished graduate school with a Masters in speech development, a double major in Psychology and Speech Pathology, a California Teaching Credential in Special Education, National certification by the National Speech and Hearing Association, California certified by the California Board of Medical Examiners.

After serving as a speech therapist in Oak Grove School District, she went on to found a learning clinic and, with the help of 6 therapists and 1 psychologist on staff, transformed the lives of thousands of children. 15 years ago she sold the practice and started writing. Now, she joins together what she knows about the ways people learn with what she knows about plot to open up the world of stories to children and adults alike. She makes plot, an abstract concept, concrete to accommodate all learning styles. After more than twenty years of interacting with thousands of children, she knows firsthand the many different ways people learn.

Five years ago, she started teaching plot workshops by incorporating as much sensory feedback as possible for full discovery and ease in learning. With the help of this communications leader, children and adult writers of all skill levels now grasp the elusive concept of plot and are able to use it effectively in their own works of fiction.

Never losing her love of working with children, Alderson has volunteered her time for nine years, teaching children about plot through the Friends of the Los Gatos Library sponsorship, and developed a writing program for a local children’s shelter.

In 2005, she was a California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners nominee for “her outstanding contribution in developing and providing annual Young Writers Workshops for children and youth in Los Gatos for the past five years, and extending the program to the children and youth of the Santa Clara County Children’s Shelter.”

Although her major work is with adult writers, Alderson continues to teach students to push aside the words and “see” the underpinnings of all great literature. The strategies and materials encourage students of all ages to write and read in a more analytical way.

She currently gives lectures about Stockton in classrooms all over California along with plot workshops for children and their teachers.

Kids and teens and adults are invited to follow her plot tips at:


http://plotwhisperer.blogspot.com/ one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2009 by Writers Digest